Corporate Governance

Internal Controls

The Directors are responsible for internal control within Panex and for reviewing its effectiveness. Procedures have been designed for safeguarding assets against unauthorised use or disposition; for maintaining proper accounting records; and for the reliability of financial information used within the business or for publication.


Health and Safety

The maintenance of appropriate health and safety standards throughout Panex remains a key responsibility of all managers and Panex is committed to managing actively all health and safety risks associated with its business. Panex’s objectives are to identify, remove, reduce or control material risks of fires and of accidents or injuries to employees and visitors.


Communication with Shareholders

Communication with shareholders is given high priority. Extensive information about Panex’s activities are provided in their Annual Report and Accounts and Interim Reports which are sent to shareholders. There is regular dialogue with institutional investors and enquiries from individuals on matters relating to their shareholdings and the business of Panex are welcomed and are dealt with in an informative and timely manner. All shareholders are encouraged to discuss the progress of Panex.