Good chance of gold appreciating, say experts

The competitive devaluation of major currencies has given gold a leg up. Earlier, a currency appreciated or depreciated against the dollar; now that’s changed to gold. The yen, euro and dollar are being continually debased by rounds of monetary easing in Japan, Europe and the US. Gold has a good chance of appreciating till such time these economies are completely out of the woods. For retail investors, gold ETFs provide a good opportunity to ride the upside.

CJ GEORGE, MD, Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services

The lure gold holds for investors is manifold. Unlike for equity and MF investments, there’s no KYC requirement here and no regulator in the physical market. An investor can easily monetise the metal by placing it with gold loan companies. The outlook will depend on global economic stability, as gold acts as a safe haven asset and an alternative to currencies like the dollar.


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