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Assignment Agreement with Amani Consulting SPRL and Burey Gold Ltd

Zug, Switzerland- May 22, 2014 – Panex Resources Inc. (the “Company,” or “Panex”) (OTC Pink DBGF) has signed a binding term sheet dated May 22, 2014 with Amani Consulting SPRL (“Amani“) and Burey Gold Limited (“Burey“), an Australian listed company

All Results Received For Initial Drilling Programme On Giro Gold Project, Moto Belt, Drc

All results received from drilling at Giro Drilling was limited to the Giro target area mined historically Gold mineralisation was defined in two separate structures: NW trending Kebigada Shear Zone Giro Vein mined historically by the Belgians Significant results from

Gold Is Still Relevant as Insurance Policy, Franklin’s Land Says

At a time when gold is in a bear market amid record outflows from investor holdings, bullion remains relevant in portfolios as inflation may accelerate, the U.S. dollar weaken and global economic growth stall, according to Franklin Templeton Investments. “As

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The Great Gold Debate Continues, And It’s Serious

The gold price fell, dramatically, and now is bobbing about.  Meanwhile, the prospects for implementing a 21st century gold standard continue to rise.  Dramatically. In a recent media monetary policy media slugfest between The New York Times and The Atlantic,

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Swiss central bank keeps 70 per cent of gold reserves at home, rest in the UK, Canada

GENEVA – The Swiss National Bank has for the first time disclosed where it stashes its 1,040 tons of gold, saying almost a third is kept overseas, in Britain and Canada. Swiss National Bank President Thomas Jordan told an annual

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Billionaire John Paulson sticks to gold; says volatility possible

BOSTON: Billionaire investor John Paulson told investors on Wednesday that he is staying the course on gold even though there may be more short-term volatility in the price of the metal. The New York-based hedge fund manager has long stuck

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Gold’s Rally And Bubble – What Does The Future Hold? Part I: 10 Years And Demand Sources

Gold is many things to many people, but to those reading this and similar articles, gold is an investment vehicle used to make money or hedge against other investments. Understanding how gold got to this price and how gold reacts

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India Gold Premiums Soar as Demand Outstrips Supply

NEW DELHI—Indian gold retailers are paying more in order to meet immediate demand, as customers scoop up every gold bar they can lay their hands on in the wake of a plunge in international prices. Indian retailers say they are

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Gold Crash 2013 – Deliberately Engineered?

How can we explain gold dropping into the $1,300 level in less than a week? Here are some of the factors: George Soros cut his fund holdings in the biggest gold ETF by 55% in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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Unintended Consequences Are Increasing World Demand for Gold

With the financial experts claiming, some gleefully, that gold has “lost its safe haven status” in the aftermath of its biggest tumble in 30 years, many commentators thought (hoped?) that the dramatic price drop would steer people away from gold

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